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Welcome to Drakiana!

About Drakiana village

In 1951 Drakiana was governed by Platanias Parish council situated in the county of Kydonia and had 24 permanent residents. Slowly the village began the decline and was soon abandoned and derelict. 

Today Drakiana is governed by the Prefecture of Platanias which remains in the county of Kydonia and has only one permanent residence. Since the year 2000, the Mavromatis family have returned to their roots and built their family home and restaurant on their ancestor’s land.


There are two stories of how the village of Drakiana got its name. One story is that it was named after the Cretan surname, “Drakakis” who the other story is that there were three brothers living in the village named, “Drakos, Sifis and Pandelis” and that the village was named after the first brother Drakos which means Dragon in Greek.


Whichever story is true…we have named our tavern, “Drakiana” bringing back the village to its history. We hope that you will enjoy our family restaurant and the wonderful surrounding scenery.

Address: Drakiana, Platanias  Chania, Crete  Tel: 2821061677  e-mail: info@drakiana.com  
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